The Health in Construction Leadership Group seek to transform our industry, it essentially acknowledges the challenges and recognises the complexity, which coincides with work-related ill health. The effects of workplace accidents such as a fall from height are, of course, apparent right away. In contrast, health risks are complex, with invisible, silent hazards such as dust which are just as deadly as safety hazards, but take several years before their effects manifest.

The Health in Construction Leadership Group focus on the health of the UK’s construction workforce and support all workers. Ultimately, they want to achieve parity between health and safety in the sector – to manage health like they manage safety. Their vision is make construction the leading industry for occupational health and disease prevention by 2025.

TMJ are honoured to be involved and support this great campaign, with a mission to ‘unite the construction industry in order to eradicate the ill health and disease caused by exposures to health hazards on building sites’.

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