Human beings are probably the most resilient creatures on the planet. Through countless setbacks, we have learnt how to survive; but we are only now starting to understand how to thrive!

Good mental health is more than the absence of a mental health problem! In today’s society many of us are living with mental health problems and the Mental Health Foundation are seeking to uncover why too few of us are only thriving with good mental health and are barely surviving.

TMJ have recognised this trend and are incredibly conscious of our own teams mental health and wellbeing. We have partnered with Suffolk Mind, who play an integral part in building mental wellbeing resilience for everyone in Suffolk. Together, we have a vision to be a forward thinking, needs-led and evidence driven to promote and protect mental wellbeing for all, providing a range of innovative services and programmes. We are currently in the midst of delivering bespoke work place wellbeing programmes and we actively encourage our teams to discuss their mental health and wellbeing.

Together with Suffolk Mind, TMJ strive to deliver high quality training to develop new ways of thinking to address our unmet needs. To find out more about Suffolk Mind please visit

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